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Focus: Movement on Water

Focus: Movement on Land

Let’s explore Patagonia’s wild nature!

The region Aysen in Patagonia is the least populated region in Chile. Here you can take a journey back to nature. We are located between the north and south patagonian icefields, surrounded by glaciers, fjords, islands, mountains, rivers, lakes, rainforests and the sea.

A special experience in wilderness for adventurers and nature lovers. No roads, no civilisation. Together we explore hidden places by foot and paddling. Intense experiences instead of mainstream tourism, to understand how nature works.

Our guides know the territory, lead you safely trough wilderness & speak English, Español and Deutsch.

City Paddling

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Island of the death

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Baker river

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Cerro Vigia

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Cerro Osvaldo

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Cerro las Heras

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your own Experience

You can completely personalize your journey in the region Aysen in Patagonia. Just send us your request and we will get in touch with you.

It was more than we could ever think of, such a beautiful experience.
Thank you for sharing!
Katia & Jenda
Czech Republic
We really enjoyed spending time with you, discover Tortel, the story of the village and the surroundings. Time with you was amazing and funny.
Coco & Axel
Best experience from my last year travelling through southamerica! The nature spoke to my heart. Thank you for inspiering me.

Deep Traveling Team

Huemul, or southpatagonian anden deer. Our latest project is a basis investigation for develop protection programms. The Huemul is critically endangered by the IUCN. Let ’s protect together!

Nature protection in Patagonia

Deep Traveling is ecotourism, but also nature protection. On the one hand travelers can explore nature with us, on the other hand we are working in own nature protection projects.

Are you student, scientist, naturelover or worldtraveler?
We are looking for volunteers and support you in your own projects in Patagonia!

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